Ultimate Glider

Supplemental Installation Instruction

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Before You Begin

The Marvin Ultimate Glider (CUGL and WUGL) is available in XO/OX, XX (Clad Only), OXXO (Clad Only), XOX and picture (O) configurations. The UGL requires a flat and level sill plate, and the UGL frame must be installed in a plumb, square and true condition in order for the unit to operate correctly. Read this instruction carefully before installation. It is especially important that the sill plate is level within 1/16" (2) across the entire span before installing the unit. Please refer to the window installation instructions for opening preparation, general window installation techniques, and technical specifications.

You Will Need to Supply

  • Tape Measure
  • Level or laser level
  • Casing nails (wood windows)
  • #8x3" flat head screws
  • 3" (76) reverse thread trim head screws
  • Sealant
  • Pry Bar
  • 2" (51) roofing nails (clad windows)
  • Hammer

Standard Parts Shipped

Windows are sent with hardware. Clad units are sent with four nailing fin corner gaskets. Follow instructions included with parts where applicable.

NOTE: Numbers in parentheses () are metric equivalents in millimeters to the nearest whole number.

Seek Assistance

Practice Safety! Always get help from another when moving heavy units and/or removing large sash.

NOTE: Clad illustrations are used throughout this instruction for illustrative purposes unless noted otherwise.

Prep the Window and Opening

1. Remove packaging, skid plates and any staples that did not come off when removing the cardboard protection. On clad units, rotate the nailing fin out to a 90 degree position. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

2. Remove the interior jamb stop(s) and set aside in a safe location for re-installation later. See Figure 2.

Figure 2
1 Interior stop. The top is cut away for illustrative purposes.

3. Dry fit or measure the opening to ensure that the window can be installed in a level, square, plumb and true condition. If not, correct the opening before proceeding.

4. Ensure that the opening is properly prepared and apply a 3/16"-1/4" (5-6) bead of sealant across the sill plate 3/4" (19) from where the sill of the unit will make contact with the sill pan system. See Figure 3.

Figure 3
1 Sealant

Install the Window


Use the clad or wood window instructions for general window installation techniques. This section will focus on installation nuances that are unique to the Ultimate Glider window.

1. Use an assistant to help set the window in the opening. Tilt the top forward slightly so the window can be rotated into the opening. Set the window sill into the sealant on the framing sill plate.

2. Center the top of the unit in the opening and fasten exterior nailing fin or casing at the side jambs 4" (102) down from each side. See Figure 4.

Figure 4
1 4" (102)

3. From the interior, position one of the side jambs flush with the interior wall surface or correct distance from the interior surface of the jack stud and install a trim head screw through the top pre-marked fastener location in the side jamb. Do the same for the other side jamb. See Figure 5.

Figure 5
1 Trim head installation screw

4. Open an active sash approximately 1/2" (13). Use a pry bar to move the bottom of the unit until the reveal between the sash and side jamb is the same at the top and the bottom. (not applicable on OXXO units.) See Figure 6

Figure 6

5. Once the reveal is the same at the top and bottom, position the bottom of the frame flush with the interior wall, install a trim head screw through the bottom jamb pre-marked fastener location and adjust as needed. Repeat this procedure at the bottom of the other side jamb in pre-marked fastener location.

6. Insert trim head screws at the center pre-marked fastener location in the side jambs and adjust until the reveal between the sash and the side jamb is the same along the entire length. See Figure 7.

Figure 7

7. Remove the interior screw from the bottom meeting stile seal block, insert sealant into the hole and replace with a #8x3" long screw through the seal block and into the sill plate.See Figure 8 and Figure 9.

Figure 8
1 Sealant
2 #8x3" screw
Figure 9
1 Sealant and #8x3" screw location

8. For units with a stationary sash, remove the screw from the head jamb bracket and replace with a #8x3" flat head screw into the header and adjust until the head jamb is flat land level. See Figure 10.

NOTE: For XX units where there is no bracket, fasten in at meeting stile location shown in Figure 11.

Figure 10

9. On OXXO windows, fasten one additional #8x3" installation screw in the head jamb, centered in the frame. See Figure 11.

Figure 11

10. To meet the published DP ratings, insert shims between the jambs and RO 4" (102) from each corner and at 15" (381) intervals. Cut the shims off flush with the interior of the unit. See Figure 12.

Figure 12
1 4" (102)
2 15" (381)

11. Refer to the Marvin window installation instructions, either clad or wood for final installation steps such as insulation and sealing the install.

Removing the Operator Sash

1. Open the interior sash to the fully open position. Depress the sash retainer bar latch and slide the retainer bar completely free of the sash. See Figure 13.

Figure 13

2. Grasp both sides of the sash, tilt the top inward and remove the sash from the frame. See Figure 14. Reverse the procedure to reinstall the sash. For XX configurations proceed to the next step..

3. After the interior operator sash has been removed. slide the interior sash retainer bar back across the head jamb to the fully closed position. See Figure 14.

Figure 14
1 Sash Retainer Bar

Removing and Installing Picture Sash

Seek Assistance

Once the CUGL picture sash stops have been removed, the sash must be held in place until you remove it from the frame. Be sure to have an assistant and proper glass handling equipment such as suction cups to help remove the sash safely.

1. Use a stiff putty knife to remove the side jamb part covers.See Figure 15.

Figure 15

2. Next remove the sill cover with a stiff putty knife. Figure 16.

Figure 16

3. Remove the head jamb cover.

4. Tip the sash to the interior, lift, and remove. See Figure 17.

Figure 17

5. To reinstall the sash, place the bottom of the sash on the exterior sill track and tilt the top of the sash back in place.

6. Replace the head jamb cover, then the sill cover, and lastly the side jamb covers.

XOX Center Sash Removal

1. Remove both operator sash. Follow the steps from the "Removing the Operator Sash".section.

Figure 18

2. Apply a quick grip clamp to the frame to aid in removing the exterior covers as shown in. Using a standard screwdriver or flat pry bar, carefully lift and remove the exterior aluminum covers from both the head jamb and sill. See Figure 19.

Figure 19

3. Remove the stationary brackets. There are two at the head jamb and two at the sill as shown in Figure 20 and Figure 21.

Figure 20
Figure 21
1 Two brackets at the header
2 Two brackets at the sill

4. Using the same method as in step 2, carefully remove the interior wood stop from the head jamb. See Figure 22.


Once the interior stop is removed the sash is no longer attached to the frame.

Figure 22

5. Tilt the sash toward the interior and remove. Figure 23

Figure 23

Installing the Screen (Clad Windows)

1. Open the interior operator sash fully. Insert the bottom of the screen into screen track. Rotate the top of the screen toward the window while pulling down on the screen pins. Release the pins once the screen is tight against the frame. See Figure 24.

Figure 24

Installing the Screen (Wood Windows)

1. Open the interior sash to the fully open. Insert the screen into the opening. Position the spring side into the screen channel and push the screen over into the channel, compressing the screen spring until the tab side can be inserted into the channel on the other side of the window. See Figure 25.

Figure 25
1 Screen Spring
2 Screen Tab