Wm. S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center

The 6,000 square foot Visitor Center allows guests to experience the rich history, innovations and commitment to excellence of Marvin Windows and Doors. The exhibits include a combination of artifacts and interactive presentations that will wow visitors of all ages.

The Wm. S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center, located in Warroad, Minnesota, is open to the public with free admission weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends from 1 to 4 p.m.

As a precautionary measure against COVID-19, the Marvin Training and Visitor Center is temporarily closed to the public. This includes Factory Tours, the Visitor Center, and the Marvin museum. We are taking this step for the welfare and safety of our employees and visitors. Thank you for your understanding.

Wm. S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center
704 Highway 313 N
Warroad, MN 56763

  • Lobby/Reception Area – See the progression of model delivery trucks and the little red stake maker that salvaged scrap wood.
  • Theater – "The Man Behind the Legacy" begins your experience and features clips of Wm. S. "Bill" Marvin, Frank R. Marvin, Jake Marvin, Susan Marvin and other Marvin employees.
  • George G. Marvin Introduction – Learn what brought George to Warroad in 1904 and why he decided to raise his family in northern Minnesota.
  • Hardware Store – This gallery includes many artifacts from the 1940s, an interactive switchboard and a life-sized cast of the founder sitting in his office.
  • Wm. S. "Bill" Marvin Introduction – Meet George's eldest son, Bill, and his wife, Margaret, and learn about the first equipment purchased for making window and door frames.
  • Bill's Team – Meet the salesmen who spent long hours in station wagons on the road and hear them tell some of their stories.
  • Second Generation – The Marvin elevator provides the backdrop as visitors discover more about George and Almina Marvin's six children.
  • Windows Growing – See some of the first window products, meet most of the employees who worked at Marvin in 1958 and experience the excitement of the distribution of silver dollars at the first Marvin profit sharing event.
  • Delivery Truck – Not only will you see a replica of Marvin's first delivery truck, but an interactive presentation explains how Marvin deliveries have changed since the 1950s.
  • Fire Theater – Smell the smoke and feel the heat as you experience the 1961 fire that destroyed the Marvin factory. Witness the emotion as family members and employees recount Marvin's decision to rebuild in Warroad.
  • Rebuilding – Hear the radio ad that tells the story of Marvin windows being installed in Antarctica.
  • Further Expansion – Put together the pieces of the puzzle as you discover how Marvin expanded in Warroad.
  • The Next Generation – New products, a fleet of airplanes and a focus on the environment and education provide engaging exhibits showing recent advancements and innovations.
  • Depot Theater – View a montage of Marvin print, radio and television advertisements narrated by Susan Marvin.
  • The Marvin Way – This gallery provides insights on Marvin patents, testing practices, suppliers, manufacturing methods and delivery.
  • Marvin Showroom – This centerpiece display of fully functional windows and doors is sure to interest visitors with Marvin's custom capabilities.