Windows 101: The Essentials


Domino magazine shared a beginner’s guide to windows, “Windows 101: We Answer Your Most Essential Questions.” From the types of popular window materials (vinyl, rolled or extruded aluminum, fiberglass and wood) to how different window types operate, the article breaks down all the basics. Even tips for cleaning windows are included in the article — spoiler alert — the Marvin Ultimate Casement‘s wash mode can assist in cleaning both the interior and exterior from the inside.

The article covers growing trends as well, such as the use of interior windows. “This rising trend sees windows and doors being used in the interiors of homes to create transparent rooms-within-rooms,” explains Christine Marvin, director of corporate strategy and design. “Homeowners are using scenic doors, like the Ultimate Corner Multi-Slide or Ultimate Bi-Fold, to carve out lounge areas, home offices, meditation spaces and personal gyms.”

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