Vintage Fishing Camp Renovation with Integrity Windows in Cabin Living Magazine


A 1946 cabin, originally part of a fishing camp modified throughout the years, provided the perfect frame for a Minnesota couple’s ambitious renovation as recently featured in Cabin Living Magazine. From the original studs and foundation, they rebuilt a vacation home, adding a new roof, walls, siding and Integrity Windows from Marvin.

“Remodels are always challenging because you’re taking the original bones of a cabin that was built 50 or 60 years ago and merging it with a new structure,” says Matt Balmer, co-owner of Lands End Development, the company that designed the new floorplan and executed the remodel. “Marrying up an old foundation with a new foundation is hard enough as you ensure the framing is straight, but then you don’t want to lose the charm of the original cabin. It’s a tricky process.”

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