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REALTOR Mag on Healthy Homes

In a focus on how homes can support healthy lifestyles, REALTOR Mag reports that “today’s focus on clean, connected, and toxin-free living may have its roots in the hospitality industry, but this trend is making its way into multifamily developments and single-family homes.” Marvin Windows and Doors’ Director of Corporate Strategy and Design, Christine Marvin, shared further insights on this trend with REALTOR Mag:
“Advances in window and door technology can help make the nature we do have available to us more readily apparent from the indoors. While many glazing options are becoming larger, other window systems are being designed to be lined up to fashion a wall of light and unobstructed views, says Christine Marvin, director of corporate strategy and design for Marvin Windows and Doors. Door manufacturers are also using more glass and offering greater flexibility to fold away or slide doors into pockets.”