Marvin Windows and Doors? New Designer Black Interior Finish

Marvin Windows and Doors' New Designer Black Interior Finish Helps Define Details in a Whole New Way


Bold, on-trend black finish brings elegance with an edge to home decor

WARROAD, Minn., May 16, 2017 – As trends in interiors move toward sleek designs and contemporary styling, Marvin Windows and Doors expands options for creating striking looks with its new Designer Black painted interior finish, bringing a new opportunity to highlight a color that’s as current as it is classic.

“Black is really anything but neutral – it’s the catalyst behind a new wave of home trends that’s inspiring homeowners, builders and designers to think differently about how to use this classic color,” said Christine Marvin, director of corporate strategy at Marvin Windows and Doors. “Our new Designer Black finish joins our Matte Black hardware collection to offer a statement-making option for windows and doors that can instantly add dimension and contrast to any space.”

Relaxed yet rebellious, modern yet timeless
As bold as it is sophisticated, the Designer Black finish offers elegance with an edge. The new finish is ideal for contemporary design, but the color makes a strong statement in any design style. Its deep black color showcases the large, expansive views that Marvin windows and doors create, bringing the beauty of the outdoors in by framing and accentuating the view.

“All black is very dramatic and no longer considered heavy or only for evening wear. Black has entered the mainstream,” said Mary Douglas Drysdale, architectural designer. “I always believe that the style imprint of any space is created by many architectural and decorative elements. In my view, an all-black painted interior window could be effectively used in a modern space as well as a transitional or even traditional space. It is simply a tool for refocusing the emphasis created by a door or window.”

Matched colors for windows and hardware
Many homeowners today seek to coordinate finishes and hardware in matching colors to create a streamlined look in kitchens, baths and throughout the home. Accordingly, Marvin created Designer Black to complement its Matte Black finish option for window and door hardware introduced in 2016. Part of the Marvin Contemporary Studio collection, the reflection-free matte black hardware allows the lines and form of each piece to stand out, turning each pull, crank, lock and hinge into an architectural sculpture.

“An all-black window with matte black hardware would be a confident statement,” said Barbara Bradlee, brand representative and design consultant for Marvin at 7 Tide. “Black draws a person’s eye and makes the statement that this window is a design element; it is meant to be noticed. Black mixed with other black finishes instills a sense of clean, simple, confident and strong design.”

Designer Black interior painted finish joins classic White finish as a standard option on all Marvin pine windows and doors with a clad exterior. Windows and doors may also be ordered preprimed to arrive at the job site, ready to be painted by a homeowner’s contractor or builder, helping to save valuable time.

Designer Black interior painted finish is the latest addition to the Marvin Contemporary Studio collection, which was recently expanded to include the new Clad Ultimate Bi-Fold Door. Available in sizes up to 10 feet tall and 55 feet wide, the new door launched in April 2017 and is offered in Designer Black interior painted finish on pine, as well as numerous other design configurations.

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