Marvin Expands Modern Line


Marvin Expands its State-of-the-Art Modern Product Line

New Casement and Awning products help professionals design and configure homes with accurate and exacting modern aesthetic

Marvin Modern now has more solutions to create purely modern homes, with Casement and Awning products joining the Modern Multi-Slide Door and Modern Direct Glaze Window as part of the newly expanded modular system. Marvin Modern espouses people’s desires to simplify their lives and homes while creating a connection with nature by offering products with extremely narrow sightlines that can perform in the most demanding climates.

“In response to the growing modern movement, we spent years exploring how to support the demands of architects, builders and homeowners seeking this simplified design aesthetic,” said Kris Hanson, director of product management at Marvin. “Marvin Modern is the outcome of that research and expanding with these new products further reveals the power of engineering to serve a greater purpose than aesthetics alone – to encourage restoration, create a sense of freedom and support well-being.”

The Marvin Modern line currently offers a Direct Glaze Window in rectangular and polygon shapes, a Multi-Slide Door, and Casement and Awning windows, which are both available in crank out and push out styles. Launched in the fall of 2018, Marvin took a meticulous approach to designing the line, with particular attention to the following:

Performance Attributes

  • Sizing: The new Crank Out and Push Out Casements are available in sizes up to approximately 3 feet wide and 9 feet tall. The new Crank Out Awning is available in sizes up to 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall, and the Push Out Awning is available in sizes up to 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The Multi-Slide Door is available in sizes up to approximately 60 feet wide and 12 feet tall and the Direct Glaze Window is available in sizes up to approximately 94 square feet.
  • Material: Boasts an industry-first, revolutionary high-density fiberglass exterior and an aluminum interior, making the products extremely durable and energy-efficient in demanding climates. No other modern window and door line employs this fiberglass material in conjunction with this proprietary frame design.
  • Energy Efficiency and Performance: All products achieve a low standard U-Factor of 0.28 with Low E2 and Argon gas. Direct Glaze single units achieve up to PG40 (performance grade 40), Direct Glaze Mulled units are rated up to PG40, and the Multi-Slide Door is rated up to PG40/PG45. The Crank Out and Push Out Casement and the Push Out Awning are rated up to PG50, and the Crank Out Awning is rated up to PG45/PG50.
  • Technology: Multi-Slide Door is available with Sliding Door Automatic Control, and all products will be available with Marvin’s factory-installed Lock Status Sensor, giving homeowners peace of mind that their windows and doors are securely closed and locked.

Design Options

  • Sightlines: All meeting stiles on the Multi-Slide Door and Direct Glaze units will be less than 3 inches, even when mulled together, to maintain consistent sightlines.
  • Flexibility: Multi-Slide Door is available in more than 30 configurations, with stacked or pocket uni-directorial or bi-parting options.
  • Colors: Available in a curated palette of ebony, bronze, anodized/silver, gunmetal and stone white, with the ability to split finishes on interior and exterior.
  • Hardware: Designed to effortlessly open expansive windows and doors while staying true to the modern aesthetic with sleek, square corners, vertical slide locks and split finishes.
  • Screens: Push Out and Crank Out Casement and Awning offers an optional concealed screen frame with high transparency mesh and matching interior latch color to avoid disrupting the view beyond.
  • Aesthetics: Features a low-gloss aluminum interior, a black spacer bar and dark sealant to minimize visual distraction while enhancing natural light.

Job Box

Every Marvin Modern delivery comes with a customized job box that contains all of the important parts and documentation needed to help installation run efficiently and smoothly. Specially stocked according to each order, every box includes product hardware, installation screws, injection sealant, installation instructions, order information, warranty registration, touch-up and repair kits and more.


The web-based visualizer tool helps ease the specification process and promotes design collaboration amongst architects, builders and homeowners by providing general product configurations to showcase available shapes, sizes, colors and more. The visualizer tool can be found online at

Marvin Modern is available at authorized Marvin dealers nationwide. For more information about Marvin Modern, visit