In Depth: Windows and Doors


In a recent “In Depth” on windows and doors, LBM Journal notes the evolving importance of windows and doors in a home. “Once upon a time, a major player in the real estate world said that windows and doors didn’t matter, that consumers simply expect them in a home but don’t think much about them. Now, few products in the building industry have emerged to have more impact on homeowners and builders alike making personal statements with a structure. And the doors and windows industry as a whole continues to provide prevailing and emerging trends in design.”

Included in the commentary is Marvin’s Kris Hanson, Senior Manager of Product Management, noting he also “sees homeowners gravitating toward larger, simpler designs but with a softer feel. ‘We believe this trend will continue, as homeowners’ desire to bring in more natural light will only increase,’ he explains. ‘In addition to bigger sizes, we’re noticing the popular geometric styles of contemporary and modern design are softening with more round top windows and doors being used, and an increasing appreciation for the warmth and character of wood materials.'”