Wisconsin’s Madeline Island, located on Lake Superior is renowned as an ideal summer destination. High construction costs have hindered many from building a home here though.

An article in Dwell magazine highlights how a St. Paul family found a solution to building an affordable pre-fab home on an island nevertheless.

The cabin, referred to as “the Week’nder” was designed to give an outdoor feel, “we wanted one to be sensitized to the natural world over the course of a multi-day stay, just as one is when they’re camping, and let that set the tone and cadence of waking up to the sun rise, seeking shade mid-day, shifting to cocktails and sharing food as the western sun spreads it’s colors, and finally, tucking into bed as darkness falls.”

The heart of the home, the great room, is completely open to the beautiful scenery thanks to floor-to-ceiling Marvin Windows.

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