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Three levels, to be exact. That’s how many options there are to take in expansive views of the Gulf of Mexico in renowned designer Vern Yip’s meticulously-designed home on Rosemary Beach, Florida. Proximity to the ocean and unusual architectural codes in this new urbanist community meant that windows and doors needed to be carefully selected to frame expansive views, bring the outdoors in and achieve the rigorous standards the location required.

Vern Yip

“I love the water, the ocean, and the Gulf. Even just seeing it calms and centers me. The water definitely relaxes me and reminds me of my place in the universe. I love that it’s a place where my family can come, relax, put down our electronic devices, and disconnect. My favorite element is the view. I wanted to make sure that from every room you could capture those views, and fortunately, the Marvin team told me that they could help me achieve virtually anything I wanted to achieve.”
-Vern Yip

Considering the Coastal Environment

The views at Rosemary Beach are beautiful, but building a home on the coast is dramatically different than building a house inland. “Beautiful images don’t tell the whole story of how much corrosion can happen. If you don’t have the right products, it becomes a massive issue due to salt in the air, inclement weather and extreme heat and sun,” says Yip.

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Vern Yip