Automation Systems Intern

Fargo, ND

As an Automation Systems Intern, you will be tasked with assisting the Automation Systems Team with testing and troubleshooting hardware, software, systems and services utilizing innovation and the pursuit of excellence by delivering high quality solutions to support production and ensure that we all win as a team.

Key Responsibilities:
•Software Quality Assurance - Test and implement new and existing, server-based applications, industrial user interfaces, plant management interfaces, database systems utilizing SQL Server and an industrial automation platform. Troubleshoot and support software, database, graphic display and external system interface requirements while adhering to company standards.
•Critical Thinking/Problem Solving - Objectively analyze and evaluate critical issues to choose the best options for resolution while challenging "fixed ideas". Build a logical approach to address problems or opportunities and manages the situation at hand by drawing on knowledge and/or experience.
•Adaptability/Multitasking - Must be able to rapidly switch focus in the event of a call-to-action issue or other high priority project. Openness to new concepts, willingness to take on non-programming roles on occasion in order to support the company.
•Teamwork - Work effectively and diligently as an individual and team member to resolve complex faults on critical systems while being flexible and able to take on different roles when required. This includes supporting the group in the event of colleague absence, elevated workload and other collaborative ventures as needed.

•Enrolled in an Associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Software Development, Engineering Technology.
•Knowledge of programming languages (i.e. Java, C++, C#, Python, Jython, T-SQL) and knowledge of web technologies (i.e. HTML, CSS, PHP, Wicket)
•Knowledge of standard networking technologies, protocols, hardware and IT terms/systems
•Knowledge of relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server